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A Tribute to America's Golden Age

Hi! I'm Roger. Woody, hot rod, muscle car and really all things vintage enthusiast. I grew up in Michigan City, Indiana, right off of famous US Highway 12. Where my brother Wayne and I had a front row seat to every make and model auto seemingly ever built. Spending endless hours watching travelers cruise down one of the last great American roadways, making their way into or out of Chicago as they crisscrossed 1950s and 1960s America. 

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Remember the Days?

Do you remember those days? Everything was an adventure. Riding bikes (probably with Mickey Mantle baseball cards in the spokes) downtown or down dirt and sand paths to the Lake Michigan beaches. Swimming in dangerous waves because "It was fun!" or fishing for lake perch off the jetty. Sometimes just sitting to watch the beautifully crafted woodies as they cruised out past the breakwater and into the wide expanse of Lake Michigan. 

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Closer Than You Think

Supposedly it’s an America that doesn’t exist anymore. Or so we’re constantly reminded. But to this very day when I see a certain car or boat, old corner gas station or overgrown roadside produce stand, it takes me right back. So while you’re here, take a look around at my collection and things I have for sale. You may just find something that takes you there as well.  

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